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Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia. All that means to us is that Brisbane has the third highest number of punters trying to find the best brothel there is. And we’re going to help you do that.

We have the largest and greatest database of all the brothels in Brisbane. Although there aren’t as many compared with Sydney or Melbourne, that doesn’t mean they’re lacking in quality.

You’ll find some of the finest women available at a few of these upmarket brothels in Brisbane. Porn stars with bodies that’ll leave you knowing there is a god, or sultry women who’ll make you feel like you’ve been in love for decades, and everything in between.

The girls at these brothels know what they’re doing (most of them). But don’t take our word for it – plenty of clients have left reviews of their experiences on each brothel’s individual page. Check them out for yourself.

All up, you’ll find a majority of the brothels in the Brisbane CBD. Besides that, suburbs such as Rocklea, Crestmead, Geebung, Woolloongabba, Cooper Plains, and Archerfield all have brothels as well.

Many of the have shared their experiences with the girls, as well as the customer service of the staff working at the brothel, what the rooms are like, how clean they are, and if the overall experience was worth the money.

If you’ve previously had an experience with one of the brothels you see below, we’d love to hear about it. Feel free to give as much, or as little detail as you like. All reviews are appreciated. The more reviews of the Brisbane brothels there are, the better the list will be.

That’s enough from us – go and find the right brothel for you in the list below.

Kinks and fetishes available at Brisbane brothels

List of Brisbane Brothels

Welcome to Australia’s largest list of brothels in Brisbane.

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Brisbane Brothel FAQs

The best way to tell the  difference between the good and bad Brisbane brothels is to use our search page. Set the location to Brisbane, or use your current location, tell the system how big of a radius you want find brothels in, and then sort by ratings.  

And there you have it – the best brothels in Brisbane.

That’s a tough question to answer. If you’re just after the stock standard experience, you’ll be do fine at any of the brothels above.

On the other hand, if you’re after a certain type of experience that may include a fetish or two, it’s best to call the venue and discuss whether or not they’re able to satisfy your needs.

Ah – the sketchy massage parlours every Australian capital city has. As you need a license to operate a brothel in Queensland, which many of the massage parlours don’t have, you run the risk of getting caught your pants down (literally) in the middle of a police raid.

Our advice is to stay away from the parlours and head to registered brothels. Sure, the massage joints may be a little cheaper than licensed brothels, but you’re paying for much more than what goes on in the bed.

Sexual health testing, cleaning, quality staff, good employment conditions, and more.

Yes – operating, managing, and visiting brothels is legal in Brisbane and all of Queensland.

However, it’s illegal for escorts or two or more sex workers to work in the same location, unless they have a license. This is where the seedy massage parlours fall under. 

Learn more about the legality of Brisbane brothels on the Prostitution Act 1999.

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