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The Gold Coast is Australia’s version of what Miami or Las Vegas is to America – one hell of a party town. And with that status, comes more than a few folks looking to enjoy the company of some gorgeously sexy women.

Which is why the coastal town now plays home to some of the best brothels around the country. Although a little limited in number, they’re still some of the top rated around.

All up, you’ll find hundreds of the finest looking women in the world waiting to tease and please you. Waiting for you to step inside, and have all your sexual desires taken care of. Leaving you with an experience you’ll never forget.

Want to know how good the brothels are in the Gold Coast? Just compare them to our list of all the brothels in Australia on our search page. You’ll find many of the Gold Coast businesses sitting near the top.

Now that you know you’ve come to the right place if you’re on the hunt for a brothel in the Gold Coast area – you’ll want to know what type of services and girls are available.

Let us tell you – these businesses and the girls they have on board will be able to satisfy nearly every single one of your sexual fantasies.

From roleplaying, BDSM, cross-dressing, erotic massages, couples, strip shows, lesbian, doubles, escorts, and more. If it’s on your mind – they can bring it to life.

If you’re after some sexual company a bit further out of the ordinary, call up or speak to the girl beforehand. Just to make sure you won’t be disappointed.

Now go – find the brothel you’re looking for and have yourself an experience that’ll remind you – there is a heaven on Earth. And it’s right here at a brothel on the Gold Coast.

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List of Gold Coast Brothels

Welcome to Australia’s largest list of brothels in the Gold Coast.

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Gold Coast Brothel FAQs

Good brothels are a thing of wonder. You walk in expecting to have a good time, and you walk out knowing there really is heaven on Earth – and you just experienced it. 

Here’s what makes the fantastic Gold Coast brothels stand out compared to the rest:

  • The girls care about taking care of you rather than constantly paying attention to the time
  • Rooms are in pristine condition and are cleaned after every use
  • Staff make it their priority to ensure you have an amazing time on every visit to their business
  • Management know your business is valuable and offer a fantastic loyalty program with plenty of perks

Those are just a few of the things a brothel can do to up it’s game.

As you can see above, most of the brothels in the Gold Coast are all highly-rated. So if you’re just looking for the standard service, you should be more than fine to visit any of the erotic destinations above.

If, however, you’re after an experience a little out of the ordinary, head to our search page where you can filter down all the brothels to only show what you’re looking for.

Massage parlours generally operate without a licence, meaning they’re operating illegally. And if they’re willing to operate illegally, they’re probably not willing to follow any of the rules or recommendations set out by the councils overseeing the Gold Coast brothel industry.

That means massage parlours may not practise safe sex, may not regularly conduct health checks on their workers, and may not maintain their premises.

Our advice – stick to licensed brothels.

Yes, brothels are legal in the Gold Coast, as well as Brisbane and the greater Queensland area.

For more information on the legality of Gold Coast brothels, visit the Prostitution Act of 1999.

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